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We can help you with any aspect of running your occupational pension scheme.

Ongoing SchemesWe can act as a sole trustee or work alongside other trustees

We bring our wide experience of other occupational pension schemes and our actuarial knowledge and experience to complement and support the sponsoring employer and other trustees. We can become involved to the extent which suits each scheme and we are always mindful to maintain our independence. We can act as the secretary to the trustees and/or handle certain issues on behalf of the trustee board.

Using our business and personnel skills, we are willing to act as the chairman of boards of trustees in order to achieve efficiently the objectives of the trustee board.

Governancemeeting the standards expected by the Regulators

Our experience of acting as a trustee and other work as actuarial pension consultants enables us to assist with reviewing risk controls of pension schemes and to ensure that the governance of schemes meets the standards expected by the Regulators and protects the interests of scheme members.

Anticipation of problemsfinding difficulties at an early stage

Our experience often enables us to identify potential problems and difficulties at an early stage. The early identification of problems enables steps to be taken to ensure that the problems are resolved efficiently, promptly and pragmatically within the relevant legal constraints.

Special Situationsmediation and to help resolve conflicts

We can be appointed to assist with mediation and to help resolve conflicts by acting as a third party to reach a settlement with all parties' consent. We do not impose our will but instead help others to reach a mutually agreed settlement.

We can act as a trustee whenever a potential conflict arises, such as when an employer wishes to change the terms of a pension scheme or whenever there are significant changes affecting the sponsoring employer.

We have experience of negotiating recovery plans and assisting boards of trustees to assess the employer covenant.

Windup and PPF assessmenthelp to wind up your pension scheme

We can work with you to wind up your pension scheme, navigating you through this complex area. We have experience of winding up pension schemes both through the Pension Protection Fund’s (PPF) Assessment Period and outside this process.

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