About You

Do you find your company pension scheme a problem?


Do you and your staff spend an excessive amount of time liaising with advisers?


Do you find pensions training sessions onerous?


We provide trustee services to help take the pensions burden from you, allowing you to focus on your business. Call us on 01527 832262 to discuss any pension issues you may have.


Are you finding it harder to find trustees for your board?

We can be appointed in place of a company nominated trustee and because we work with you, you reduce the time your key staff spend without losing the link to the scheme.

Do your trustees find pensions just over‐complicated?

Would they benefit from a steer, extra explanations, support on governance and the confidence that they are not missing any important tasks? Because we specialise in pensions trusteeship you can rely on us to guide the trustees and you through the maze.

Do you have any special projects that could use some specialist, objective, support?

We can help and guide you through all kinds of exercise, from valuation negotiations or looking at the impact of employer mergers and acquisitions to changes to the scheme’s structure. We help you come to the best decision for all involved.

Do you need someone to take the day‐to‐day management of the scheme off your job list?

Have you important company issues that you want to focus on? Because we work with you, and report to you regularly, you can delegate the day‐to‐day work to us knowing we are keeping you informed. This frees up your time and energy to focus on the other demands on your time.

Do you have any conflicts of interest that are sometimes hard to manage?

Do you find it hard to put the scheme above the company, or specific members? We are completely independent. We will talk through the conflicts with you openly to ensure everyone is clear on the issues and so we can actively work through them. It’s important to consider the different perspectives of all the stakeholders and then to find the best overall solution.

Do your members doubt the fair treatment of the pension scheme (eg where you are trying to close the scheme)?

We always consider how members will take news on the pension scheme so we ensure all communications are clear and unbiased. Because we are independent, members take comfort that we are acting for them and trustee and company conflicts are managed.

Has the Pensions Regulator asked you to appoint an independent trustee?

You can choose who you work with in the same way you appoint any other employee. We have experience working with regulatory bodies and pride ourselves on our governance. Through our collaborative approach we help everyone to understand your individual scheme and circumstances then focus on moving the scheme and company forward for the benefit of all.

Do you already have an independent trustee but are looking for something a bit more personal?

We focus on our relationship with you. Our trustees work directly with you for the long term, your lead trustee will always be your main point of contact and will actively find out more about your company to help tailor their service.